If a Wedding Is Cancelled Because of Covid19 Are Deposits Refundable?

Only In Very Few Circumstances Can a Supplier or Vendor Keep a Deposit or Require Rescheduling If a Wedding Is Unable to Go Forward As Planned Because of Covid19. In Most Cases, Even Despite What Might Be Said Within a Contract, Deposits Must Be Refunded By the Banquet Hall, Caterers, Disk Jockeys, Among Others.

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A Helpful Guide For How to Determine Your Legal Rights Regarding Contracts and Deposits When Your Wedding Becomes Cancelled Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Contract Document Involving Various Wedding Suppliers Disappointingly, you planned your special day right down to the very last detail; except of course for Covid19 which has become an unplanned wedding crasher.  Among weddings, jack and jill parties, stags and stagettes, wedding showers, among other events involving gatherings with more than ten (10) people must now be cancelled or delayed.

Venue Attempting to Reschedule Events

Many banquet halls, among other suppliers, are attempting to impose a rescheduling of wedding dates upon unwary brides and grooms.  For those willing, and able, to reschedule including those able to reschedule all other suppliers, vendors, and guest availability, venue rescheduling may be without a concern; however, for most couples who are already disappointed with lost plans, the thought of the reception venue, or any another supplier, mandating your back up plan is very unsatisfying.

What May Be Done?
Remember, Your Wedding Is Your Wedding and
It Should Be Your Choice For When to Reschedule Your Special Day!

While unfortunate to your wedding plans, there is some saving grace for engaged couples whereas it is your right to decide to accept a rescheduling or whether to cancel whereas your money paid in advance as a deposit is, in almost all circumstances, refundable.  Even where a contract with a venue, or other supplier, expressly states that should an incident occur, such as Covid19, cause the inability for the event to go forward, your deposit is usually refundable.  This right to a return of your deposit, and your right to decide whether to reschedule by treating the existing contract as frustrated and arranging a fresh contract, arises statutorily by law.


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Without the need of a wedding ceremony, and without the ability for your guests to attend whereas weddings with more than ten (10) guests are forbidden, the contract with your house of worship is quite likely frustrated and therefore unenforceable.  With this said, it is notable that although a refund of your deposit is likely legally required, a donation to a good cause may remain a kind gesture.

Venue & Halls

Without a wedding reception, a banquet hall or other venue is unnecessary; and whereas a wedding contract contained plans for more than ten (10) guests, and therefore the event is currently forbidden by law, the contract is most likely frustrated.  Furthermore, even if the contract contains a force majeure clause specifically addressing pandemic, if the event is delayed by thirty (30) days or more, it is still within your statutory rights to cancel.


The food and drink supplier was booked to provide services to more than ten (10) guests and is now forbidden by law from performing services.  Accordingly, the supplier is unable to sue you for breach for failing to fulfill the contract as previously agreed; and equally, you are unable to sue the supplier.  When a contract becomes legally frustrated, you are both exempt from further obligations.


Without a married couple to take a picture of, what is the point of a photographer or videographer?  The contract set the date and all was well until Covid and the government flipped your visions, and the need for pictures, upside down;  As with other vendor agreements made before the pandemic and government ordered shutdowns, obigations within agreements become frustrated and unenforceable in most circumstances.  Deposits must also be refunded in most circumstances.


What is a wedding reception party without awesome entertainment?  Perhaps the better question these days is, what is an awesome entertainment without a wedding reception?  Sadly, with wedding receptions for celebrations with gatherings of more than ten (10) people forbidden, entertainment becomes unnecessary; and, similarly to other vendor and supplier contracts, where the law unexpectedly makes a contract impossible to fulfill, the contract becomes frustrated.


The attire for the guys in the wedding party is unnecessary for a cancelled wedding.  Usually, if a wedding were cancelled due to a personal reason, there may be legal issues; however, where the cancellation of a wedding occurs due to a pandemic and government orders without the fault or choice of anyone, most contracts legally come to an end.  Additionally, where the supplier is unable to deliver services within thirty (30) days of the scheduled date, consumers have a statutory right to cancel.

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